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To reduce costs and increase conveniency, we partnered with an experienced wheelchair engineer that trained three welders in our area of Ntcheu. Check out what happened at this week long training!

We want to share our latest achievement!

Our wheelchair construction training kicked off in December 2021 and resulted in three new wheelchair engineers. Check out our About Us page to see the growth of our team!

This training has lowered our costs and increased conveniency in constructing and delivering wheelchairs. Most importantly, we keep it locally made and locally sourced!

Biblical Basis

Our compassion is founded on the Bible's command to love others as God has loved us. That means caring for them, physically and spiritually. Our training began each day with scripture reading and prayer.

Wheelchair Construction 

Welding techniques, bending pipes, adding wheels, individualizing a chair, safety use! Our welders were trained on all the good stuff it takes to make our new friends mobile!

Sensitivity Training

In Malawi, disabilities can still be associated with a stigma or even thought that a person is "cursed." These topics were discussed and dispelled!

Topics Covered

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