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We don't leave our families behind. 


3 goals.


1. Live life with Support.

We lead Bible Study and group discussions at every meeting to foster an environment of trust. Our family support groups are about bringing community together. In Malawi, many parents are ostracized and discriminated against for having a child with disabilities. Joining together with parents experiencing similar circumstances helps so that no one feels alone.

2. Empower families through Business.

We provide business grants. Many of the families we serve have long term needs and costs associated with those needs. Our goal is not to provide a wheelchair once or give money for extended periods of time. We want to empower our families to support themselves and plan for their future. One way to do this is through business. If interested, we teach and encourage our families to begin a profit-generating business.

3. Increase mobility with Rehabilitation.

We transport physical therapy professionals to family support groups. The emphasis is placed on parent training so that daily exercises can be done with the child at home. Socialization and play therapy is also a focus within teachings.


Every $100 donation provides start-up costs for a market business (food and small item sales) or business of the family's choice. 


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