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Building Wheelchairs

Providing Hope

80 million people worldwide are in need of a wheelchair. The vast majority cannot afford one.



Mobility & Health

We provide customized wheelchairs to children with disabilities. We believe that all people should have access to mobility, proper nutrition, and equal health care. We exist to make this possible for more children.

Our Mission

7 out of 10 children with a disability in Malawi do not attend school. 
Lack of mobility devices contributes to this.

Get Involved



Keep the special needs children of Malawi and their families in your prayers. Pray for their health, strength, and faith. Pray also for the growth of our mission so that more might receive wheelchairs and support.



Your financial support provides wheelchairs to children in need or business grants to families. Every donation, no matter the size, helps us purchase and distribute these life-changing devices, as well as support their families. 



Spread the word about our mission by sharing our story on social media, with your friends, businesses, and within your community. Your voice can help us reach more people and change more lives!


Learn About Our Programs

Our "Why"

Birthed in Ntcheu, Malawi, we began our projects as home visits to families of children with special needs. We quickly found that mobility issues were a major need and boundary facing the kids. Without wheelchairs, they often couldn't be enrolled in school, couldn't be taken past the boundaries of their home, and couldn't play with the other kids functionally. Wheelchairs change that. They make it possible to travel distances to school and get around the classroom, to interact socially with their friends, and to grow up with dignity.

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