We do what we do because Jesus did it first. Birthed in Ntcheu, Malawi, we began our projects as home visits to families of children with special needs. We quickly found that mobility issues were a major need and boundary facing the kids. Without wheelchairs, they often couldn't be enrolled in school, couldn't be taken past the boundaries of their home, and couldn't play with the other kids functionally. Wheelchairs change that. They make it possible to travel distances to school and get around the classroom, to interact socially with their friends, and to grow up with dignity.


Beyond children, we receive requests from adults with special needs, or those who are needing wheelchairs after illnesses or accidents. We turn no one away. Their mobility is just as important in finding work, traveling to their garden, and providing for their family. 



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Danielle Hunt


Danielle's heart was turned towards children and adults with special needs when she began working as an ABA behavioral therapist in the U.S. On her missionary trips to Malawi she saw that the basic need of mobility wasn't easily attained in Malawi.


Gelson Mtinga

Country Coordinator

Mtinga is a husband, father, professor, student, and missionary, to name a few of his responsibilities! His passions are in theology and natural medicine and nutrition. His compassion is met with an energy that is not common among all humans! We are so blessed to have him.




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Misozi Nyala

Village Health Care Worker - MACOHA

As a village health care worker for Malawi Council for the Handicapped (MACOHA), Miso travels to homes in the villages to provide care and therapy. He identifies the individuals that are in urgent need of a mobility device and then connects us to the families. The most common needs are wheelchairs and walking frames, transport fees for hospital care, and medication fees.

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Willard Meya

Senior Welder

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George Samuel

Senior Welder

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Emmanuel Fred

Senior Welder